Upcoming Summer Reviews

Seems like this time of year more than any other, my To Be Read list just explodes. It’s summer time! The perfect time to kick back and read a book or two. Or seven. Maybe thirteen…

Here are just a few of the books I’m most looking forward to this summer:

sirensStorm Siren and Siren’s Fury by Mary Weber

Originally I’d requested to review Siren’s Fury via NetGalley, but as I started reading, I realized book two wasn’t going to be enough. While I could follow the story, I was too interested in the things that happened in book one: in Nym’s dark past, in her romance with Eogan, and in her part in a terrible war. I ordered the first book with a gift card and caught up. Totally worth it. I’m excited about reviewing these.

AHastingsFeuds and Torn by Avery Hastings

I read Torn without knowing it was a sequel (though I probably wouldn’t have minded if I had known.) I had no problems following the story, but some parts, while not confusing, clearly referenced events that had happened in book one. I liked the story world and characters well enough to immediately order the first book.

turningpointTurning Point by Various Inspirational Authors

I’ve read and really enjoyed several of the ebooks included in this set. I’m excited to explore the other stories. It’s an incredible deal – seven books for $0.99. (Sadly it seems to be no longer available.)

dravenslightDraven’s Light by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

If you’ve followed The Story Sanctuary long, you’ll know I’m totally in love with Stengl’s Goldstone Wood series. I love that the stories all take place in the same story world, but often at drastically different times or in very different places. Good stuff.

More to Come

I’ll also be reviewing Those Girls by Laura Saft and Every Last Word by Tamera Ireland Stone this month. Look for Tattooed by Jesus, a memoir review coming later this week.

What tops your summer reading list?

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