Review: Daughter of the White Rose by Diane Zahler

Daughter of the White Rose by Diane Zahler

Daughter of the White Rose
Diane Zahler
Holiday House
Published February 16, 2021

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About Daughter of the White Rose

Can a common girl save a prince trapped in the Tower of London?

April. England. 1483. The king is dead. Long live the king.

Nell Gould is the daughter of the royal butcher, a commoner, but she has been raised as the playmate of King Edward and Queen Elizabeth’s royal children: Princess Cecily, Princess Bess, Prince Dickon, and Prince Ned, heir apparent and Nell’s best and closest friend. They think alike, her and Ned, preferring books and jousts to finery and gossip and the sparkle of the court. But when King Edward dies, Prince Ned is imprisoned in the Tower of London by his scheming uncle, the evil Richard III–and Nell with him. Can they escape? Is Nell the key?

Based on the real royal scandal of the Princes in the Tower, DAUGHTER OF THE WHITE ROSE covers a shocking episode in medieval history that has captured the imagination for 530 years. A story of murder, betrayal, resilience, and growing up, this girl-led medieval middle-grade novel will make a perfect companion to CATHERINE, CALLED BIRDY and THE MAD WOLF’S DAUGHTER.

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My Review

It’s been a long time since I read CATHERINE, CALLED BIRDY, but I can definitely see why this book is compared to that one. Though DAUGHTER OF THE WHITE ROSE isn’t told in diary entries, it has the feel of someone recording a memoir. At first I thought that only the beginning might be that way since the first chapter is about Nell’s birth, but it’s a style that stays through the whole story.

I liked that the story followed Nell and her connection to the royal family. I also liked that though there are some dark moments, Nell doesn’t witness things, like murder, directly in front of her. I liked her character, too. She’s smart and determined, and won’t allow herself to be pressed into a mold based on anyone else’s expectations for her. I also loved that she was so inspired by other female writers.

I think readers who are interested in historical fiction will enjoy this book. Readers who liked CLIFTON CHASE AND THE ARROW OF LIGHT by Jaimie Engle should give this one a read.

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Content Notes

Recommended for Ages 10 to 14.

Major characters are white.

Profanity/Crude Language Content

Romance/Sexual Content
One kiss between a boy and girl. At one point, Nell learns that the king has a mistress.

Spiritual Content
Nell considers becoming a nun. At one point she spends a lot of time in prayer.

Violent Content
Brief descriptions of death or murder.

Drug Content
Adults drink wine socially.

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