Review: The Boyfriend Wish by Swati Teerdhala

The Boyfriend Wish by Swati Teerdhala

The Boyfriend Wish
Swati Teerdhala
Katherine Tegen Books
Published February 13, 2024

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About The Boyfriend Wish

A charming romantic comedy about a South Indian American teen girl who makes a wish upon a flower for her perfect boyfriend…and then a new boy moves in right next door. With love triangles, prank wars, and a sizzling sweet romance—this is perfect for fans of Sandhya Menon and Jenny Han.

Deepa’s a hopeless romantic. And even though Deepa’s checklist for the perfect boyfriend is a mile long, her mom and dad’s fairy-tale love story makes her feel like romantic success ought to be a family trait. It’s why when her grandmother gives her a jasmine flower with the promise that it will fulfill her heart’s greatest desire, and then a new boy moves in across the street, Deepa knows—he must be her wish come true.

Rohit checks off every box on Deepa’s timelessly handsome, a thoughtful listener, and a romantic who knows his flowers. Deepa’s next-door neighbor (and constant tormentor) Vik also surprisingly approves, though she knows it shouldn’t be a mark against Rohit.

Is it luck or is it magic? Deepa doesn’t want to take chances, so when her grandmother warns her that the wish is only permanent if she seals it with a kiss, she knows she needs to move quickly. Rohit is the right boy in every way, so then why does Deepa not feel like he might not be the right choice?

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My Review

This is such a perfect Valentine’s Day book, which is why I’m posting about it today. I enjoyed the whole book, but I think the second half is where all the pieces really come together. In the first half, I found myself wanting to know more about Deepa’s sisters and wanting to understand the connections in the neighborhood a little better. As I crossed into the second half, I felt like I started to see all those connections and relationships more clearly.

The whole setup with the wish adds a dash of whimsy to the book, but it doesn’t dominate the story. This reads like a contemporary romance with a fun cast of characters and a girl whose heart wants what it wants. I loved Deepa’s character. She’s hyper-organized and an overthinker, which automatically endeared her to me. She’s also funny and thoughtful, so it was easy for me to root for her from the first page to the last.

I totally see the comparison to Sandhya Menon’s books here, and I actually thought it had a similar vibe to TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT PINKY, which is probably my favorite of her books so far. If you’re looking for a romance that’s more sweet than spicy and has a great family and friend group included, check this one out.

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Content Notes for The Boyfriend Wish

Recommended for Ages 12 up.

Most characters are South Indian American. One girl character is interested in dating another girl.

Profanity/Crude Language Content
Mild profanity used somewhat infrequently.

Romance/Sexual Content
Kissing between boy and girl. Mentions of attraction between two girls.

Spiritual Content
Deepa’s grandmother tells her that the last blossom of the season has the ability to grant someone’s wish. Deepa wishes for the perfect boyfriend and then wonders if the boy who mysteriously shows up next door is the boyfriend she wished for.

Violent Content
Characters play paintball. The neighborhood engages in a prank war, in which they are assigned a person to prank (all participants have opted in), and the best prank wins. Pranks are not harmful but can be embarrassing, such as getting a pie to the face.

Drug Content

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