Review: A Sky Full of Song by Susan Lynn Meyer

A Sky Full of Song by Susan Lynn Meyer cover shows a sunset sky over a prairie and a girl in the foreground facing the sunset, her dark hair blowing in the wind. Two geese fly overhead. A black and white cat leaps toward her at her feet.

A Sky Full of Song
Susan Lynn Meyer
Union Square Kids
Published April 11, 2023

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About A Sky Full of Song

This heartwarming, beautifully written middle-grade historical novel about an untold American frontier story is destined to be a cherished classic. 
North Dakota, 1905
After fleeing persecution in the Russian Empire, eleven-year-old Shoshana and her family, Jewish immigrants, start a … Continue reading

Review: Ripped Away by Shirley Vernick

Ripped Away by Shirley Vernick

Ripped Away
Shirley Vernick
Fitzroy Books
Published February 8, 2022

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About Ripped Away

Ignored yet again by his crush, Abe Pearlman wanders into Fortunes and Futures for a little diversion. The fortune teller reveals that Abe may be able to save someone’s life. But before he can ask any questions, he’s swept to the slums of Victorian London, where he finds that his crush, Mitzy Singer, has also been banished. Abe and Mitzy soon discover that they’ve been plunked down in the middle of the Jack the Ripper spree.

To get back home, they’ll have to work together to figure out how the fortune teller’s … Continue reading

Review: The Woman All Spies Fear by Amy Butler Greenfield

The Woman All Spies Fear by Amy Butler Greenfield

The Woman All Spies Fear: Code Breaker Elizebeth Smith Friedman and Her Hidden Life
Amy Butler Greenfield
Random House Studio
Published October 19, 2021

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About The Woman All Spies Fear

Elizebeth Smith Friedman always had a penchant for solving riddles. It was this skill, and a desire to do something with her life that led her to become one of the top cryptanalysts in America during both World War I and II. She originally came to codebreaking through her love for Shakespeare when she was hired by an eccentric billionaire to prove that Shakespeare’s plays had secret messages … Continue reading