A Very Belated Winter Wrap-Up

2023 Winter Wrap-Up image shows a cup of tea on the right next to a stack of books.

A Very Belated Winter Wrap-Up

Spring has (maybe?) sprung, and here I am scraping together my winter wrap-up. It’s been a busy season! Read on to see the best books I read this season as well as my most popular posts. Finally, I’ll check in on the goals I set for the year and how I’m doing in meeting them.

Winter Wrap-Up Behind the Scenes News

Last year, I started working directly with several new publishers, which means easier access to more of the books I can’t wait to read. Which is good and bad? Because yeowza, my calendar has never been so packed.

I used … Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee – Spring 2022 Update

If We Were Coffee 2022

If We Were Having Coffee – Spring 2022 Update

I first saw Jamie at Perpetual Page Turner do an If We Were Having Coffee post in 2019, which is an idea she got from a life coach. Since then, I’ve been doing them periodically. Lately, it looks like I’m settling into a spring/fall routine. So, here’s my If We Were Having Coffee Spring 2022 update!

If we were having coffee…

This Rebel Heart by Katherine Locke

I would tell you that I just finished reading THIS REBEL HEART by Katherine Locke. It’s fantastic and … Continue reading

Summertime Update

Summertime Frenzy

My summer started in a frenzy. My youngest daughter has been battling eczema caused by allergies, so we’ve been scrambling to figure out what causes flare-ups (so far culprits include milk, nuts, wool, and polyester) and then structuring life around avoiding those no-nos. My older daughter is officially a teenager now, which has been awesome in terms of being able to pass some more YA books her way, and because we get to spend a lot of time this summer talking about big life things. A few favorite topics around our house: social justice, what it means to really love others, and best Downton Abbey or Jane Austen characters.

I’m falling a bit behind on reviews and have completely lost … Continue reading